Signs that your wife is cheating show up in many different ways. One common way you can detect if your wife is cheating is by keeping a discreet note of her phone habits.

If your wife is having an affair she will want to keep in contact with ‘him’. Often affairs start with just an emotional connection so there will be a lot of talking going on. Surprisingly enough a lot of cheating wives give the game away with their phone habits.

Here are 10 ways her phone behaviour will tip you off that she’s up to no good:

1. Does she rush to pick up the phone whenever it rings?

2. Does she often appear to be talking in code or particularly quietly on the phone?

3. Is she permanently glancing over her shoulder when she’s on the phone to check whether you’re in earshot?

4. Has she started making up excuses for calling you at work and working her way around the conversation to ask you what time you’ll be home?

5. Have you noticed occasions when you’ve said ‘I love you’ to her over the phone and she’s given a vague answer like ‘Me Too’?

6. Have you discovered her sharing a lot of personal information over the phone with a male ‘friend’?

7. Have you noticed any suspicious noises in the background when she’s called home to check in?

8. When she’s out and calls home have you noticed she’s started calling from untraceable numbers?

9. Have your suspicions been roused by ‘coded’ single rings followed by her having to dash out?

10. Have you noticed incidences of the caller hanging up when you answer the phone?

These phone habits may not mean anything in isolation, but if you notice a number of them happening you should take them as a warning sign that there’s probably something going on.

Source by Doug Young

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