You’re walking arm in arm down the street with the man you love. Unexpectedly, around the corner walks a woman that even from a female’s perspective you can admit, she is pretty. However, the first thing you think of is to watch your man and see what he does. And of course as most men would, he watches her as she approaches, smiles, and says hello. As she passes he turns his head slightly to get a little better view at a different angle. For him his efforts were minimal but to you he was training and contorting his neck in the most obvious way to gawk at the female beauty queen. Upon seeing this you throw your arms up, lash out at him regarding his inappropriateness, and your beautiful walk with the man you love has now quickly become a march with stomping feet to the sound of “the silent treatment.”

Is this scene familiar? Have you played this role or one similar to it before? If so, it is likely there is a jealous vein running through your body and it announced its existence to your mate when this sequence of events occurred. If your relationship is struggling it may be because of these very actions.

Jealousy in relationships is all too familiar for the majority of us. Either we have deal with it at some point in a previous union, or we are dealing with it now in our current coupling. Either way, at no time has the experience been the biggest pleasure. And it is one of the largest reasons why many relationships end up failing.

So to fix a relationship that is failing, you’ll want to address any jealousy issues that arise. Many may find that difficult though when they are not even aware that their acts stem from jealousy and are a problem to begin with. In fact in the scenario above, several may have thought the reaction was appropriate which leads to the question, “How can we fix a failing relationship that stems from jealousy when we do not even realize that the problem is … us ?! ”

So to help identify actions that are contribute to a struggling relationship, here is a list of jealous ways that must stop in order to fix the relationship and get it back on the right track. And while some may be very obvious, keep reading down the list as some of the items are perceived by many as being okay, still fall under the term of a jealous act.

1. Accusations of being unfaithful though no evidence exists to accuse

2. Following your mate, stalking or checking up on him or her

3. Continually asking where he or she has been or is going

4. Listening in on phone calls

5. Checking his or her phone for calls either made or received

6. Holding a strong dislike for any of your mate’s exes without even knowing them

7. Getting angry if your partner looks at someone else in a manner you think is inappropriate

8. Reading his or her e-mails or text messages

9. Getting upset when he or she wants to spend their time with their family or friends

10. Talking to your partner’s family or friends behind their back to see if he or she has been seeing anyone else

This list certainly is not all inclusive, but it addresses the major acts of jealousy that could prevent you from fixing your failing relationship and ultimately lose the one you love. And while in some cases if trust has already been broken, the above action may be justifiable, in the majority of instances these actions are simply taken because of a lack of trust in your mate and low self esteem in yourself. So maybe the best bet to end jealousy in your relationship and fix it if it seems to be failing is to take a closer look within.

Source by Jo Chris

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