Being single is not a good reason to be sad and worried. You will love being single if you understand the freedom you have as a single. The following suggestions will help you enjoy your single hood and be happy.

Ignore Doubters

There are people who are born critics. They ignore what is happening in their own life. They rather focus on another person. Some may even may even give you a name related to your condition of still being single. You should not lose sleep over this. Simply Ignore this kind of people and go on with your life. Your entire life does not depend on whether you are married, in a relationship or not.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People

As a single, comparing yourself with friends who are getting married will only cause you pain and depression. You will never love being single if you continue to compare yourself with other people. Realize that there can only be you and you are unique in your own way. Everything in life has its own time and season. Your season will definitely come. And when it comes, no one can stop you. Take jealousy, envy and worry out of your life and enjoy single-hood.

Appreciate Who You Are

You have to appreciate yourself first, before other people will appreciate you. You should appreciate your being single and all you have as a single. Your freedom, good health and friends are all good reasons to appreciate and celebrate yourself. Are you not yet convinced? Okay, have you thought about people running away from their homes because of war? What about the sick and the poor? The homeless and unhappily married couples? You should love being single and keep appreciating yourself in every way you can. Use this time you are single to further your education and learn something new. It is a time to make yourself a better person.

Be Positive Minded

Positive words bring positive results. Be positive and keep making positive affirmations regarding your situation. Always say to yourself things like “I am unique and wonderful”, “I will get married”, “my better half will locate me soon”. Regardless of what people say about you, be positive minded. You will surely get married at your own time.

Don’t be in a Hurry to Get Into a Relationship or Marriage

The fact that you exchange contact with someone of the opposite sex does not mean something is on the way. Being too expectant can leave you sad and unhappily if disappointed. And you will hate being single. Don’t always expect a fantastic romantic relationship because you exchanged contact with somebody of the opposite sex.

Follow this suggestions and you will love being single. Don’t eat yourself up and never expect marriage overnight. Be the change you want to attract the right people.

Source by Solomon Onyewuchi Okere