Month: January 2019

Coping With Being Single

You met in high school, fell in love, got married, had 2.5 children, and thought life would go on forever. But it didn’t. No matter how it happened, you’ve found yourself suddenly single again. Your new companions are solitude and loss. How do you bounce back? How do you move beyond the past and into the future? No one is going to tell you it is easy and there is no manual to help you negotiate the rough road ahead. However, there are a few travel tips to get you on your way. 1) Get outside. Yes, that’s right....

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9 Myths About Being Single

More than 48% of US households are headed by unmarried individuals. The American Association for Single People projects that by 2010, 47.2% of adults will be unmarried. Being single does not mean being alone, nor does being in a couple for the holidays ensure happiness. Let’s dispel some myths! Myth #1: Single people are lonely at Christmas. Reality: No moreso than anyone else. This is a projection of people who fear “being alone for the holidays,” a fear of the unknown. Myth #2: Single people need you to invite them over to your celebration. Reality: Contrary to perceptions, single...

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How to Love Being Single

Being single is not a good reason to be sad and worried. You will love being single if you understand the freedom you have as a single. The following suggestions will help you enjoy your single hood and be happy. Ignore Doubters There are people who are born critics. They ignore what is happening in their own life. They rather focus on another person. Some may even may even give you a name related to your condition of still being single. You should not lose sleep over this. Simply Ignore this kind of people and go on with your...

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Fear of Being Single and How to Overcome It

Do you ever fear of being single forever? This fear of being single is so widespread that in our day to day life someone or the other is either trying to find someone, or forget someone or deal with someone. The desire to be with someone and being loved is one of the most fundamental human needs. And when a person is afraid of being single, he has a nagging feeling that he is destined to be alone forever, or maybe he is full of flaws. But this is just a fear and not a reality. You must know...

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Being Single Is Underrated

Single, solo, no husband, no kids… You get it. Well that’s me. And probably you because you’re reading this. Or maybe it’s not you at all. Whoever you are, you may still benefit. I never really was in a rush to get married or have kids. I’m 28 -almost 29- and still single. Some may see that as a bad thing, but I’m just focusing on me. Shouldn’t that be our number one priority? I’ve been in love once. And I’ve found that it consumes your life. Your life basically revolves around that person. It’s such an exciting feeling, but then you come to find that you’re losing yourself. You start feeling dependent on that person and rely on them to make you happy. Being this way will only disappoint you. Many people settle because they think they need to, or their parents want them to. We were raised to think this way. But I think it’s kind of sad that people think relationships are the be-all and end-all of personal happiness. It’s not. At least in my opinion. My parents divorced when I was young. But they also married before 21. Did they marry too early? -Or did they just simply not work out? I’m not too sure of that answer, but I know in this day and age it’s more socially acceptable to be single at my...

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