If your instincts are telling you that your spouse has been unfaithful, your best bet is to listen to them. However, the signs are often ambiguous and other times, you may refuse to believe what your eyes and ears are seeing and hearing. Here are 10 signs of a cheating spouse.

  1. You find a condom in his car or wallet when you are on the pill. Or you find contraceptive pills in her cabinet, when you have already had a vasectomy. When you ask, they will most likely be defensive and evade your questioning.
  2. They are obsessed about staying fit and healthy. They may have joined the gym, got a makeover, or paid for cosmetic surgery despite your usual reassurance that you love them just the way they are. They are not trying to look good for you anymore, but for someone else.
  3. They buy a new cell phone or set up a new email or social networking account which they do not tell you about. If you find out later on, they may go with the overused line “I forgot to tell you.”
  4. Your spouse tells you he or she has to work overtime, but you never see this on their pay slip. He or she does not come home with extra money every pay day, and you wonder where his or her efforts at work are going, especially as his or her colleagues are not doing overtime as he or she is.
  5. Your male spouse is becoming overly helpful with the laundry, especially when it is time to check the pockets before throwing them into the washing machine.
  6. They leave for work in the morning wearing one scent, and come to work wearing another. If you are a woman, watch out for red lipstick marks on his collar or anywhere on his shirt. That is a classic sign.
  7. A cheating spouse will no longer want to have sex with you. Psychologists say that they may be feeling guilty over being unfaithful to their significant others. Or, he or she may want to have sex all the time. They are only releasing sexual tension and they may be visualizing the other man, or woman, while doing it with you.
  8. He or she may stop wearing his or her wedding ring, and keeps coming up with reasons when confronted.
  9. He or she is supposed to be at work, so you call him or her and their secretary says that they took a vacation leave. And they are not with you.
  10. The last one among the 10 signs of a cheating spouse would be markings on their neck, back, chest or shoulders, especially when they never leave home to go mountain hiking. And even if they did, mountain hiking would not give you marks like those.

Source by DeAnn Norton

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