Okay guys, I will provide a list of 10 new behaviors that could be considered as signs of a cheating wife.

However, these are not the only signs, nor do they have to be an indicator that she is definitively cheating on you. Be Careful with this kind of information.

First, I want to know what are you going to do whether you find out that she is or not? I mean, if she is not, good! So, why were you worried about it? If she is cheating, now what? How are you going to handle it and are you going to fix it?

The 10 Sickening Signs of a Cheating Wife

1. Whether it is a work day or she has free time she rarely is home

2. Has new trinkets, gifts & lingerie and she does not wear them around you.

3. You notice that she frequently has her wedding ring off of her finger

4. Less interactivity with you and the children. Yeah even the kids notice it!

5. Treating extra good and then surging to bad with increasing frequency

6. Is cold, distant showing less affection and becomes more critical of you

Caution: Barf Bag May Be Required on The Next 4!

7. Go right to the shower when she comes home. You get you hug afterwards. This shower she hopes will remove the CSI evidence of colognes his body odor, their sweat.

8. She has a girlfriend that seems to know where she is when you do not. Tip: the girlfriend could be covering the scene for her. Her alibi! Your wife says she going to the girlfriend’s place, but in reality she is going to his. It gets worse – she really does go over to the girlfriend’s place, but so does he! Yep, she is at her girlfriend’s alright! Ouch!

9. Get this! A decrease or increase in your sexual activities. If there is an increase, it has happened for two reasons: Her lover is out of contact for a while or she wants to test out and practice some of the new techniques she has been picking up from him! Nasty, huh?

10. She gives you a kiss with a new kind of lip-lock technique. The Bad News: it is not you she thinks she is kissing! The Sad News: It is the other guy!

That is rough stuff and my heart goes out to you, if you have identified a few of those signs of a cheating wife.

You best shot at dealing with all of this mentality is to read informative material on relationships and begin to understand why these kinds of things creep in to a relationship. This will also help you to maintain rationality. Coping with signs of a cheating wife is serious business and without the right resources at your disposal you could possibly deteriorate into something very regrettable!

Is your relationship worth fighting for? Do not cave to the whole temper-tantrum and screaming routine. This can be either a great moment for you or a terribly bad one. The really neat thing is that you have the power to choose which one it well be!

Choose greatness my friend!

I will be over this way cheering for you both to pull through this together!

Source by Jeff Gadley

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